Minimum Disclosure Document 

Accorn BCI Balanced Fund

The Accorn BCI Balanced Fund is a managed portfolio aiming to achieve long-term capital growth and moderate-income generation by investing across a variety of asset classes and instruments. The portfolio will be managed in compliance with prudential investment guidelines for retirement funds in South Africa to the extent allowed by the Act.

Accorn BCI Equity Fund

The Accorn BCI Equity Fund is a general equity portfolio that seeks to sustain high long-term capital growth. The portfolio’s equity exposure will always exceed 80% of the portfolio’s net asset value and investible universe may consist of local and international equity securities, property shares and participatory interest in portfolios of collective investment schemes.

Accorn BCI International Fund of Funds

The Accorn BCI International Fund of Funds aims to provide investors with a moderate long-term total return by providing an exposure to a diverse mix of underlying portfolios, comprising global asset classes and exposure to various currencies.